In 2018 the United States Youth Futsal (USYF) announced the first-ever national futsal academy program. FutsalRVA was not only chosen as one of the nation’s inaugural USYF Academy clubs, but our year-round model was actually the basis for this nationwide program.

This is truly a pioneering time for futsal in this country. We’re honored to have our program and our talented players helping to set the standard for elite futsal training and competition in this US. Please review the Q & A below. We hope this information will be helpful for you to understand the USYF Academy process.

For complete information please CLICK HERE for the USYF Academy webpage.


Q.  How will the Academy program be different from FutsalRVA?

A. In addition to the development-focused training and high-quality competition FutsalRVA has always provided, chosen Academy teams will now have the opportunity to compete in meaningful games against the best in their regions in USYF Leagues, Showcases & the Championship Series.


Q.  Are all FutsalRVA players automatically in the FutsalRVA Academy program?

A. NO. The FutsalRVA technical staff will now identify the players and teams that we feel are ready and can compete in an academy environment. Each academy team that is selected is restricted to a maximum of 9-10 players who we feel like are ready to compete with other academies across the country. Our coaching staff has worked closely with our technical directors to identify these players for our October 1st deadline. Our goal as an academy is the have as many players and teams compete at this level for years to come as we are just scratching the surface into this unique opportunity. Alternates will also be selected in case selected players cannot accept their position on the team.


Q. Will there be try-outs for the Academy program? How will the players be evaluated?

A. NO, Players will be identified by various factors pertaining to their selection into the academy program. Pivotal factors that are considered by the coaches as well as the technical staff include individual technical ability and tactical understanding. Are players able execute game/practice plans that support FutsalRVA principals in philosophies? How has player session and game attendance been in the first 6 months of training? Our decisions are made based on what we feel is best for every player’s development.


Q. What does practice involve? Will there be more practices at a higher level?

A. The Academy structure is based on the FutsalRVA model so training will remain similar, but there will be additional or extended sessions before showcases or tournaments.


Q. Do Academy teams play in different tournaments?

A. The USYF Academy will have 3 Regions across the US. FutsalRVA will be in the East region. Each region will have showcases that USYF Academies are required to attend.


Q. Will there be more traveling and travel expenses involved?

A. The regional framework is designed to minimize travel, but there will be a trip or two necessary to compete at regional Showcases. Any plans for travel will be clearly communicated ahead of time. The EAST has now 11 academies that are within driving distance, therefore; travel expenses will be limited. East regional Academies include the following:

  • FutsalRVA, VA

  • FutsalETA, VA

  • PUMA Elite, VA

  • NPC Futsal, VA

  • Barefoot Futsal, NC

  • Charlotte Futsal, NC

  • Elite Futsal Charleston, SC

  • Atlanta Futsal, GA

  • Florida Crushers, CL

  • BHM Futsal, AL

  • Futsal 365, NJ


Q. Will there be any additional cost associated with this Academy program? What is the actual overall cost of what I'm signing up for?

A. There is a USYF Annual membership fee of $100 per year. The fee includes academy membership for one year (August 1 – July 31), member insurance for one year, and an USYF official hoodie. This fee must be paid directly to USYF by October 15th, 2019. Please note that FutsalRVA fees will not increase! All Academy players will benefit from the additional academy resources with no additional cost to FutsalRVA program fees.


Q. Can a player be allowed to miss practice due to homework, school functions, family outings, or priorities in other sports?

A. We do understand that there may be some absences due to school and family obligations. We just ask for advanced communication so coaches and managers can plan accordingly and adjust schedules if necessary. Unfortunately, consistent absences will hinder a player’s development, as well as the team’s ability to adequately prepare for competition.


Q. Who do I contact if my questions are not answered?
A. Please contact Joe Farrell at If it is a question for the USYF Academy directly, you can contact Soorena Farboodmanesh at

You can also download the 2019/20 Program Guide that will also give you a better understanding of the USYF Academy program.