PARENTs Expectations

Obviously, we know all parents will support their child.  We do, however, also advise that it is very important parents support their coach, manager and club.

As a parent, we ask you to: 

  • Familiarize yourself with the FutsalRVA’s Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic plans.

  • Be an advocate for the club.

  • Be knowledgeable of the game.

  • Encourage fair play at home.

  • Focus on good nutrition.

  • Be supportive! (Example - be sure the player attends practices; pick him/her up on time.)

  • Watch practices; focus on new strategies.

  • Ask your own children to describe his/her role, what new skills have been learned.

  • Find Futsal on TV, watch games with children.

  • Attend games.

  • Be positive or quiet at games.

  • Be calm and have good manners.

  • Support the coach’s and referee’s decisions.

  • Concentrate on praising other people’s children during games.

  • Encourage communication between coach and parent.

  • Read newspaper articles about older Futsal players ‘successes; provide models for your own children.

  • Become a referee.

  • Play the game of Futsal.

  • Support the club by volunteering and/or donating.

  • Meet your financial obligation to the club/team.

  • Take your kids to watch other FutsalRVA matches in support of the club.