Futsal is a very demanding sport!  You must be prepared to do your best at every game.  Here are a few simple basic guidelines:

  • Come to each game mentally and physically prepared to do your best.

  • Be sure to arrive prior to the prescribed time to allow for all warm-up activities.

  • Arrive at the game well rested. Avoid late nights or spend-the-night parties on the night before a game. More than a few Futsal games have been knowingly "forfeited" the night before the Futsal match. Fatigue, as a result of too little sleep, raises the risk of injury.

  • Build up body fluids before the game. Start drinking water and or sports drinks as much as 24-48 hours before the game, and try to take in as much proper fluid as possible right up to game time.

  • Eat sensibly, especially on the day of a game. For instance, milk, peanuts or carbonated drinks before a game will shorten a player’s wind.

  • A pre-game warm-up to get an abundant flow of blood to the muscles, followed by sensible, slow stretching activities designed to increase flexibility and minimize the possibility of muscle pulls or injury, are of vital importance.

  • Make certain that you have proper equipment, and bring them to each practice and game.

  • Proper fitting shoes and regulation shin guards are essential.

  • Watches, jewelry, and hair pins should be left at home!!!

  • Treat minor injuries promptly and properly. For muscle strains and bruises, remember the principle of "R-I-C-E" -- Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Your team should arrange to have ice available at every game for quick application to twisted ankles or knees.

  • Let your coach know before practice or a game of any condition that might affect your ability to play. Seek early medical help for physical problems that persist.

  • Call in advance to tell your Coach if you will miss a practice or game.

  • ALL players will make mistakes!  It is important to treat all situations as learning opportunities.  

  • And remember...HAVE FUN and Enjoy the Game!