FutsalRVA Home School Program

2017/18 goalkeeping Plan

Training sessions will be plan on a weekly basis accordingly to areas mentioned above to ensure a homogenous development of skills and game understanding.

Goalkeepers will be evaluated on technical, tactical and psychological (sport/game alone) areas and feedback will be provided to assure feedback loop between coach, player and parent is completed and efficient.


To provide the training and educational opportunities for children to enable them to develop their skills, individual talents and abilities as goalkeepers, by providing a total holistic approach with our development program.

Developing Plan:


  • Receiving the ball
  • Catching the ball
  • Goal kick
  • Stopping the ball with the foot
  • Goal throw
  • Diving catch


  • Game systems
  • Positioning
  • Communication


  • Concentration/Focus
  • Dealing with adversity
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Character building

Day: Fridays

September 15, 29
October 13, 27
November 3, 17
December 1, 15
January 5, 19
February 2, 16

Times: 6:00-7:00 - FDA - U11
            7:00-8:00 - U12- U14
            8:00-9:00 - U15- HSB

Court: #4

  Saul Montero,  Goalkeeping Director

Saul Montero, Goalkeeping Director