Coaches Expectations and Commitment

Motivate. Educate. Create.

The examples set by FutsalRVA coaches are one of the most influential examples our children will encounter in their young lives. Recognizing the critical role that coaches play, it is imperative that we serve as the proper role models for our players.

FutsalRVA Coaches Will:

  • Live by the FutsalRVA Core Values.

  • Understand and educate others on the club’s Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Plans

  • Develop my players to the best of their abilities. Be a motivator and challenge them but be patient.

  • Hold my players accountable for the Player Expectations which include their financial commitment to the team/club.

  • Withhold a player from team activities if the player (parent) fails to meet their team/club financial obligations unless there is an arrangement made with the team/club.

  • •Hold my parents accountable for the Parent Expectations which include their financial commitment to the team/club.

  • Conduct myself as a responsible adult when dealing with the Players and Parents; both legally and ethically.

  • Plan and supervise practice sessions that are instructive as well as fun.

  • To motivate and teach with positive reinforcement.

  • Encourage and expect your teams to support other FutsalRVA coaches/teams.

  • Notify the club Technical Director of incidents which may compromise the integrity of the Team or Club

  • Abide by the rules, policies, and procedures of the Team and Club

  • Strive to attract the best caliber of athletes to FutsalRVA

  • Ensure that players wear their uniforms and training gear in a proper and complete fashion.

  • Work to develop as many players as possible on state, regional, and national teams.

  • Display a positive attitude towards all players, parents, and officials.

  • To treat players and parents with respect and conduct myself in a professional manner.

  • Refrain from making negative comments to any players, coaches, or parents.

  • Develop positive "life" qualities (i.e. discipline, teamwork, etc.) in Players.

  • Respect the game officials and their decisions.

  • Take total responsibility for the actions of players on the field.

  • When traveling with the team: · Remain aware of my players’ whereabouts and behavior. · Set schedules and inform players of all activities.

  • Provide genuine cooperation to coaches within my team’s age group.

  • Not discriminate against anyone.

  • Refrain from using profane or vulgar language in the presence of Players.

  • Provide honest and truthful evaluations of the Player’s skill.

  • Be responsible for cleaning up the field or bench area (both home and away) after practices or games, and for returning all equipment to its proper place.

  • Not Forget that I represent FutsalRVA!!!!