UNIFORM Guidelines

Whenever a FutsalRVA player is in uniform, he/she is representing the Club and should wear their uniform properly and with pride. Each FutsalRVA team must have an approved or official uniforms as dictated by the Club.  Teams have the option of a third jersey/uniform but that also has to be the official "3rd" option as declared by the club.  Please read and abide by the following guidelines:

  • Bring all uniform equipment to every game including all uniform shirts, shorts, socks, Futsal shoes, warm-up shirts, warm-up suits and tape.

  • Players should be dressed alike during team warm-ups before games.

  • Uniform socks will be pulled up whenever you have them on. Shin guards must always be covered by socks.

  • Arrive at games looking professional (i.e. Team Warm-Up Suit, Team Warm-Up Shirt).  

  • Have your FutsalRVA equipment bag with you at all practices and games. Put bags carefully in a row on the sidelines at all games. Keep bags in a proper team location at practice.

  • Wear proper training jerseys for all training sessions.

  • Bring your water bottle with you to all practices and games. At games, place your water bottle behind your bag when not in use. To prevent passing on illnesses to teammates, you should not share water bottles!!!

  • Leave your rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, other jewelry and hairpins (except for rubber bands or other elastic bands) at home or in your equipment bags.