FutsalRVA Home School Program

FutsalRVA Academy is a premier futsal development program that offers players a unique opportunity to train and compete with players from other soccer clubs that are at the same skill-level. Our program is designed to complement, not compete with, a player’s regular soccer training with their own clubs. With our team of highly qualified and experienced coaches, our priority is improving the futsal and soccer skills of our players and offering opportunities for intense futsal game-play.

FutsalRVA Academy is for players looking to participate in high-level technical and tactical futsal training sessions, competitive league play, as well as regional and national level tournaments. FutsalRVA players will focus on technique, tactical awareness and pinpoint passing which demands quick reflexes and fast thinking. Through our unique training methods, we have produced players of exceptional ability. Both current and alumni FutsalRVA players are playing for professional club academies and graduating to the National level in both soccer and futsal. 

FutsalRVA Academy Includes:

  • Approximately 56 training sessions per year with qualified staff

  • Training once per week in spring/fall, twice per week in summer/winter

  • Age-specific curriculums

  • Specialized goalkeeping training

  • All players will participate in the FutsalRVA Winter League

    • 8 games. Included in fees

  • All players will participate in the Mid Atlantic Travel League

    • 6 games. Included in fees

  • All Players will compete in the Jefferson Open Futsal Tournament

    • 3-4 games. Included in fees

  • Opportunity for participation in National ID camps and clinics

  • Match analysis sessions for each group

  • Classroom sessions on various topics throughout the year

  • Opportunity to play in 4 events per year at the highest level of competition

  • Evaluations on player progress (twice per year)

  • Mentoring and Director Support

Another way FutsalRVA is adding value to our Academy programs . . .

Exclusive access to live or post-game video for no additional cost!  U-Turn is the first indoor facility in the entire country with this technology and we're super excited to provide this technology to our coaches, athletes and parents!

Filmed using Spiideo sports recording technology Contact us to have Spiideo in your sports facility at info@cinesports.tv

US Soccer endorses FUTSAL

Futsal is a key component to player development and a mandatory part of the seasonal training plan for the Development Academy U13/14 Program. The showcases, which are part of the Academy's futsal period (January-February), features a minimum of four futsal matches over the two-day stretch. More info: http://www.ussoccer.com Subscribe to U.S.

Futsal is the official indoor sport sanctioned by FIFA and is recognized throughout the world for promoting exceptional skill development and decision-making. It is played on a hard surface with boundary lines and a low-bounce ball and is now the fastest-growing indoor sport in the United States and in the world.

US Youth Futsal oversees leagues and programs in 59 markets in more than 27 states. Along with its affiliates, it influenced a 70 percent growth over the previous year. It also hosts the US Youth Futsal National Championships.