2018/19 Winter Futsal League

FutsalRVA Winter League

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FutsalRVA League Games Filmed with New Video Technology! (UTURN ONLY)

FutsalRVA is excited to announce exclusive access to LIVE and/or post-game videos for all of our membership!

U-Turn is the first indoor facility in the entire country with this technology. We're super excited to provide this feature for our coaches, athletes and parents!

At U-Turn each game will be filmed and streamed live with our partners at Cinesports. Ultra 4K video cameras have been installed at U-Turn. Video stitching creates a virtual panorama that captures every square inch of the playing surface. All recording, sharing, analyzing is done from the convenience of an iOS device. No cameraman, no files, no hassle. Never miss a play again! The mobile/iPad recording feature allows you to use Spiideo at U-TURN. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the awesome features and minimal costs.

Please CLICK HERE to register and access the FutsalRVA League: $39 for A MINIMUM OF 4 games